Transcreation Services

A mix between translating and creating your marketing texts.

For marketing and advertising content, a direct translation is never enough. The language of marketing and advertising is emotional, driven by creativity and intention. Direct translation services risk losing the heart of your brand’s message. Transcreation solves this issue by recreating the original text but keeping the emotional intent behind the message.

Transcreation combines translation with creation of an original text. The transcreator has to have a deep understanding of the meaning and goal of a text, often making changes in the process. Idioms and tag lines do not always translate properly from one language to another.

Happy Words offers the best transcreation services from English to European Portuguese and from Spanish to European Portuguese. Your texts are thoroughly reviewed by a native Portuguese translator who works with you to understand the meaning and intent of your message. Then, not only the content of your text is translated, but the nuances of language and emotional intention as well.

What is included with transcreation services?

Transcreation services from Happy Words are the best solution for translating marketing, advertising, and media content. Adapting creative messages is a complex process and one that takes a complete understanding of the source language as well as the translation language. With transcreation services, you will receive a translation that maintains the intention of the original text while adapting to a culture or audience.

I will review your text and translate it using the process of transcreation. This may involve extensive changes to accommodate language differences and cultural differences. Throughout the process, the integrity and intention of your message remains clear throughout the translated text.

Creative Translation

The process of transcreation involves creating content that is based on the source language but modified to accommodate the culture and style of a different target audience in another language. Transcreation is often referred to as “creative translation” because it most commonly used for translating creative works, such as marketing or advertising content.

Unmatched Experience

Transcreation is a complex process that requires a skilled linguist. I work closely with all clients on transcreation projects to ensure I understand the intent and purpose of the original message. With a clear understanding in place, I can use my extensive knowledge of European Portuguese to successfully translate your message or branding content.

Complete Confidentiality

Your documents and business materials are important and often contain sensitive information. Whether you are launching a new campaign, testing a new market, or creating a legal document, you need your information to remain save and secure. I guarantee confidentiality for all transcreation projects and any language services from Happy Words. Through password protected files and backups with top-not security, your sensitive information always remains private.

What kind of texts should be transcreated?

If you are wondering whether or not you need transcreation services, consider the nature of your text. Is your content creative? Are you creating text for a marketing campaign or advertising materials? These types of materials and documents are best suited for transcreation because they involve a creative message that may need to be altered for different languages or cultures. Keep reading to learn about common projects for transcreation.

  • Taglines, slogans, or catchphrases: Slogans for an entire brand or a single campaign can be very difficult to translate. Your tagline or catchphrase is crucial to connecting with your audience, but a poor translation can miss the mark. Some brands have even made the mistake of offending foreign audiences with a slogan that translated to something offensive. You don’t want to do that mistake!

  • Product names: You put a lot of thought into the names of your products and services. Maybe you use a clever pun or play on words. Perhaps your product name evokes a specific memory or feeling. Whatever the case, those emotions and cultural connections are not likely to carry over with a direct translation.

  • Advertisements: Whether you are running a direct mail campaign or an ad spot on television, there is a considerable amount of creative writing that goes into the process. Specific wording and turns of phrase may work in the source language, but their meaning will be lost when translated. Audiences could end up confused or left wondering what you are advertising without transcreation services.

  • Global branding: Nothing is more exciting than extending the reach of your brand on a global scale. Transcreation services can help you translate your brand from one language and culture to another. While it may involve some changes to your text, transcreation maintains the integrity and heart of your brand across language barriers.

  • Email blasts: Emails are a key part of the communication plan for any business. You may send countless emails each year, so this is not something that can be overlooked. Each email has a message and a purpose. You also have a call to action that must be translated. The various elements of email communication can benefit from transcreation.

  • Press releases: If you are sharing news about your organization in another language, it is important that the information is correct and accurate. Press releases are a great opportunity to promote your business and inform those in other countries about your products and services. Accurate translation is key to the integrity of your brand.

Translation vs. Transcreation

Many people mistake transcreation services for translation services, but the two are very different. Translation involves changing a text from one language to another, but that is a very basic definition. Translators use their best judgement and knowledge of both languages to recreate the message. While Google Translate, or a similar automated machine translation tool, may offer a word-to-word translation, professional translators are able to accurately translate a message from one language to another.

Transcreation goes a few steps further than translation. Instead of changing a text from one language to another, transcreation involves recreating the original content in a way that maintains the creative message and emotional intent. The purpose of transcreation is typically for marketing, advertising, or media content because transcreation is able to keep the branding or style intact.

With transcreation, the original message may be changed significantly to accommodate a different culture and language. Unlike translation services, transcreation involves creating new imagery or branding to keep the spirit of the message. Feelings and emotions do not translate as easily as words on a page, and the process of transcreation is quite extensive.

Transcreation requires not only a deep understanding of both the source and translated languages, but also the ability to create new content and creative materials for the new audience. The culture of the new content is essential to the success of a transcreation. A translator must completely understand the common phrases, idioms, slang, and assigned meaning to all of the words they use and the message they create.

How much do transcreation services cost?

Transcreation projects are highly unique and complex. Each project requires its own timeline because the length, complexity, and topic of your content will determine the turnaround time and overall cost. It is usually charged by the hour, as it is a process that requires creative and out of the box skills. At Happy Words, I work with each client on an individual basis to determine the right price point and timeline for each transcreation project.

With any translation or transcreation service from Happy Words, payment is required within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Also, a 50% advanced payment of the total price is required upon ordering for new clients. If you have questions about the cost of transcreation services from Happy Words, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Why do you specialize in transcreation projects in European Portuguese?

As a native Portuguese speaker and translator, I have a complete understanding of the Portuguese language. When you trust your transcreation project to a translator who specializes in a specific language, a higher level of quality and accuracy is ensured. I firmly believe that translators should only provide services in their native tongue in order to produce the best translations.

Not only do I know the language, I understand the Portuguese culture as well as the implications of idioms, slogans, and taglines. My experience helps me recreate your message while maintaining the emotion and intention behind your content. I can help you develop the right message to resonate with your target audience in European Portuguese.

Does Happy Words offer other language or translation services?

Yes, I am proud to offer technical translation services as well as revision and proofreading services. My true passion and calling in life are to work with languages and provide high quality language services to a variety of professionals. I enjoy working directly with clients from around the world to translate content from English and Spanish to European Portuguese.

How can I purchase transcreation services in 2019?

At Happy Words, I strive to make the transcreation process as smooth as possible for my clients. If you have any questions about the transcreation services I provide, please reach out to me. I will review your project requirements and work with you to establish a quote and timeline. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with transcreation services from Happy Words, and I value your projects in order to provide the highest level of customer service.