Language Management

Managing your entire Localization team.

When your brand expands to another country and language, a Language Manager can efficiently advise and manage campaigns. Language management goes beyond translation services to provide guidance and direction for your organization’s efforts in another language.

From translating campaigns to providing direction for branding, a Portuguese Language Manager oversees many aspects of your brand’s expansion. At the heart of it all is your vision and mission, translated for your targeted audience.

Happy Words is proud to offer full language management services for all of your business needs. Whether you are entering a new language market or testing a new country, you can trust our language management services to provide top quality direction and guidance. As a native Portuguese speaker, I understand the language and audience fully to ensure your branding and business translate properly in European Portuguese.

What is a Language Manager?

Language Managers are sometimes referred to as localization managers. They are a necessity for brands that expand into global markets, targeting other countries and languages. While direct translations have a place in business, marketing campaigns and creative endeavors rarely translate directly. Phrases, idioms, and cultural meanings to do not always extend across borders and oceans.

A Language Manager ensures your branding and campaigns are on point for your target audience. They are able to transform your original message into something that resonates with a new audience in a different language. The exact wording or phrases may not be the same, but the emotion and intention of your message carry through.

The concept of localizing a source text involves a thorough understanding of your target audience, including their culture and search behavior. Only with this understanding can your message be translated properly and understood fully in a different language. A Language Manager can handle translations, editing, and proofing and manage your campaigns in your target country. They are able to oversee your efforts in another language and accurately translate your texts and materials to be understood by your new market.

Why do you need a Language Manager in 2019?

We live in a global society. With the rise of online shopping and remote workers, we are more connected than ever before. Business is rarely conducted in just one country anymore, and brands are constantly looking for ways to expand into new global markets. Innovation, technology and information are traveling at lightspeed and businesses have to keep up to survive.

However, simply translating your branding and marketing materials to another language does not always work. Everything from the name of your brand or the names of your products to your slogan and webpage URLs has to be viewed through the lens of another language and audience. A pun or play on words may make sense in one language but fall flat in another. Also, cultural meanings differ by language, so it can be easy to offend others or miss the mark altogether.

Hiring a Language Manager ensures your efforts in another language are successful. A Language Manager has a complete understanding of your target language, and they can translate your source text to work for your new audience. Your Language Manager or localization manager works directly with your team to understand the goals of your business as well as your products and services. Then, they apply their knowledge of your target language and audience to develop campaigns and creative text that translate your message in the best way possible.

How to select the best Language Manager

A Language Manager wears many hats. It is important for brands to hire someone who is capable of more than just basic translation services. While translating is certainly part of the job, there is also the need for someone who can be creative and carry out a variety of tasks for your business. Language Managers can shift from translator to marketer to customer specialist all in the span of one day.

Finding a Language Manager can be a time-consuming task because you need someone who is both skilled in language and marketing as well as someone who understands your brand and your vision. The best Language Managers take the time to fully grasp your brand and understand your goals in order to create the right message for another language and audience.

Before searching for a Language Manager, compile a list of requirements and responsibilities for the position. Work with your team to have a full understanding of your goals for expanding into another language. Which materials will be translated? Will you launch full campaigns in another language? Do you need someone to work remotely or in your office? Having these expectations set upfront can help you find the right Language Manager for your organization.

Your Language Manager checklist

There are many things you may look for in a Language Manager. Below are some common skills or requirements to consider during your search. You can ask a potential candidate for their work experience as well as references to get a better understanding of their abilities.

  • A native speaker of the language you are targeting
  • Understand your target audience, including cultural references
  • Experience analyzing data and discovering trends for campaigns or content
  • Easy to communicate with, quick response times
  • Understanding of social media platforms, especially in your target language
  • Excitement for your brand and vision
  • Comprehensive editing and proofreading skills
  • Time management skills
  • Experience leading a team or project from start to finish

  • Able to work with a team or independently
  • Experience creating a language style guide or similar documentation
  • Experience creating and handling translation memories and glossaries
  • Excellent on quality assurance tasks
  • Understanding of translation technology
  • Experience in your market or industry

Language management services from Happy Words

Language management services from Happy Words are complete and comprehensive. As a native Portuguese speaker and skilled translator, I can handle all of your language management needs for European Portuguese. My skill set goes beyond basic translation services to encompass a complete understanding of the language as well as marketing and creative experience for branding.

I ensure quality and productivity for your expansion into Portuguese by providing a wide range of flexible services. My experience includes supervising a language team, training others, analyzing data, and providing feedback on performance data on a regular basis. Through collaboration with your local teams, I guarantee the satisfaction of stakeholders and make sure your localization is supported.

Whether your brand is new to the Portuguese market or looking to boost your efforts, I can successfully oversee your language specialists and ensure your campaigns and branding are translated across all platforms.

What languages does Happy Words specialize in?

I specialize in English and Spanish to European Portuguese exclusively. I believe that Language Managers should only work with their native language to ensure quality and accuracy. As a native Portuguese speaker, I have a complete understanding of the language as well as the audience.

I can provide direction on your branding and marketing materials as well as business texts to make sure that they resonate with your target audience. Language and translation are my passion, and I have turned my love of language into a full-time career. I take pride in every project to provide the highest level of quality. For this reason, I only offer services in my native language.

Who is using a Language Manager?

Many of the top brands and organizations you know and love are utilizing the services of a Language Manager. Expanding into a new market takes considerable time and planning, and language management services are a must-have for any serious business. Connecting with a new audience is only done by someone who knows the language and culture completely.

A quick search will reveal that top brands like Netflix, Airbnb, Facebook, and Google are all hiring or utilizing the services of a Language Manager. They trust these professionals to provide top-notch guidance and support for their efforts in expanding to a new international market. In order to stay competitive with local businesses, they know that a localization manager can provide unmatched insight and experience for their target audience.

How do I purchase language management services?

If you are interested in language management services from Happy Words, send me a message today. I will happily work with you to understand your business, goals, and language needs in order to create a plan and quote for language management services. Each business and project is unique, and I work with a variety of professionals and budgets on a daily basis.

My goal is to help companies grow in the right direction by providing the right words. I work with both direct clients and agencies to achieve this goal and offer language management services. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, I can handle the language needs of your business. Just reach out to me today to learn more!