SEO Translation Services

SEO translation of content, keywords, and metadata.

You probably already use SEO tactics for your native language, but if you do business in other countries it is important to consider international SEO services. With SEO translation services, you can better reach your target audience in another country and language, boosting your search engine results in that area.

Expand your brand to global audiences and increase traffic to your site by incorporating SEO best practices and strategies into the target language for your content. A skilled translator can provide the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully translate your text with SEO in mind.

Happy Words is proud to provide top-notch SEO translation services from English and Spanish into European Portuguese for your website, campaigns, or other texts. As a native Portuguese speaker, I ensure your content is translated properly to maintain your meaning and emotion. I also conduct keyword research upon requested and incorporate SEO best practices while translating content.

What is included with SEO translation services in 2019?

When it comes to SEO translations, a thorough knowledge of the language is just the beginning. A translator must also have considerable local expertise and an understanding of search in your target market. Your website, landing page, or other content is translated in a way that makes it easy to find by users in a specific country.

Instead of providing a direct or literal translation, Happy Words multilingual translations involve translating a text for semantics and emotion. SEO best practices are used to incorporate your keywords and search phrases as well as synonyms for the target user. In addition to the body copy of your online content, these services can include translating URLs, headings and subheadings, and meta data.

Focused on your target audience

Expanding your brand or services to another country and language involves targeting a new audience. A skilled SEO translator has a complete understanding of your target country and the audience for search. They can provide considerable insight for content that will resonate with your new audience and make the most sense in context.

If your organization does business with another country, translating your entire website can be beneficial. If you are new to a certain market or testing specific countries, you can have a landing page translated for SEO as a test. The right multilingual SEO translator can help you reach your target audience with a message tailored for them.

Reader-friendly content

Content readability is crucial for SEO success. Stuffing keywords into your content or placing them in awkward contexts results in a website or landing page that is difficult to read and understand. Users will not appreciate the poor experience, and your search engine rankings can suffer as a result.

Optimizing your content for search engines is meant to help users find relevant content when they conduct a search. Search engines like Google reward readability and user-friendly content because it keeps people coming back for more. An SEO translator must have a complete knowledge of your target language and the ability to write creatively in a way that is user-friendly.

Keyword-optimized content

Keywords are one of the building blocks for search engine optimization. You likely already have target keywords for your native language that you have incorporated into the design and content of your website. The same practice must be done for your target language. However, keywords do not necessarily translate directly from one language to another.

A skilled international SEO translator will consider the meaning and purpose behind your keywords in order to provide the best translation. This is one aspect where a thorough knowledge of the country and search behavior is necessary. Your translator will conduct keyword research for your target language to ensure the integrity and meaning of your content are maintained. Google Keyword Planner is my preferred SEO tool to find the best keywords on the market, but there are some other useful tools, like SEMrush, Google Trends, Ubersuggest, KWFinder, HyperSuggest, Soovle, AnswerThePublic, and Seomofo.

SEO adaptation of metadata

Metadata is another crucial element for search engine optimization. Your meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta tags are used to describe your webpage and content. Search engines may also pull this information as a snippet in search results. While you have probably already optimized your website with metadata, the same must be done for your content in another language.

Meta titles and meta descriptions can greatly impact your click-through rates for search engine results. If the content is concise and clear in your target language, your new audience will be more compelled to click on your site. An SEO translator can take your existing metadata and properly translate it for your new language.

Multilingual SEO for a variety of texts

At Happy Words, I offer a variety of SEO translation services to meet the unique needs of your organization or brand. There are several types of content that can be translated with SEO in mind, including entire websites. I can even translate and proofread your entire website directly in your website code to make the process more efficient.

If you do not require SEO translation for an entire website, I can translate individual online pages and landing pages. If you are interested in running AdWords campaigns, I can translate your ad text. Happy Words also offers multilingual SEO translation services for social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Unmatched experience in translations

As a native Portuguese speaker, I understand the language fully. I have also completed a considerable number of translations for English and Spanish to European Portuguese to hone my skills over the years, working professionally full-time in this industry for more than 6 years. My knowledge of the language, country, and audience is vast to meet your needs for SEO translations.

I am also skilled at conducting keyword and audience research. All SEO translations are idiomatic and reader-friendly to share your message in the best words possible.

100% confidentiality guaranteed

Your privacy is important to me. I value the confidentiality of all of my clients and understand that some texts may be sensitive in nature. For all translation services from Happy Words, 100% confidentiality is guaranteed to ensure your information and data stay secure throughout the process.

Over the years, I have developed several strategies to protect client data at every point in the translation and proofreading process. By using various security measures such as password protection and secure backups, I keep your content safe and secure. Trust is highly valued at Happy Words, and you can rest assured knowing your information remains private at all times.

Why is international SEO important in 2019?

Some businesses try to implement SEO strategies after their website has been translated. This process often results in a considerable amount of rework, which delays timelines and increases budgets. The results are often less than optimized, and the content is more forced than natural. The best way to ensure your web content is optimized for search engines is to start with an SEO translation.

People want content in their native language

Although the variety of languages on the internet has been growing in the last years, for most people there is still very little content in their native language. The majority of people prefer reading in their native language, as revealed in this e-commerce study by the Common Sense Advisory, where 72% of consumers mentioned they spend all or most of their time on websites in their native language. Furthermore, 72% also referred they are more likely to buy a product with information in their language, and 56% alleged the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

So, we now know that web visitors and consumers prefer to shop in their native language, which is why English-only websites can eliminate a lot of potential customers, and you don’t want that for your business. Translating your website into the language of your target market can improve the user experience and encourage conversions. Partnering with an SEO translator that can incorporate SEO practices into the translation process can help your content rank better for search results and boost your visibility.

What languages do you offer for SEO translation services?

Happy Words provides translation services from English and Spanish to European Portuguese. In order for an international SEO translation to be successful, you need a translator that is a native speaker. Mother-tongue translators have a complete knowledge of the language as well as the audience and country.

SEO translation services go beyond a simple or direct translation. Phrases, idioms, cultural implications, and more are considered throughout the translation process. I have several years of experience in both translating and marketing practices to provide top-notch content for your target language and audience. I can translate not only the body text of your site, but headings, metadata, and keywords as well.

Does Happy Words offer other language or translation services?

Yes! Happy Words offers a full range of language and translation services to meet your needs. I can translate your text, following your guidelines for style and branding, as well as review or proofread text. Transcreation services offer a combination of both translating and creating marketing texts for your target language to get optimal results.

I am also excited to offer language management services. As a skilled translator and proofreader, I can serve as the lead for all linguistic decisions for your Portuguese team to ensure consistency and quality. I can manage your localized team or manage a specific project for your linguistic needs.

How do I purchase multilingual SEO services?

There are often questions involved in the translating process, and I am happy to provide any additional information you need. Reach out to me at any time, and I can create a quote and plan for your SEO translation project. I work with a variety of clients and agencies as well as budget and timeline needs.

All international SEO translations are completed efficiently with great attention to detail. The language industry is my passion, and I value each and every project. Send me a message today to request a quote or learn more about SEO translation services from Happy Words.