Proofreading Services from Happy Words

Nobody is perfect. In our busy day to day lives, we are guaranteed to make mistakes from time to time. Throughout the writing and editing process, there are plenty of opportunities to make an error. While professional writers and editors seek to eliminate as many issues as possible, it is still wise to have your work professionally proofread.

Proofreading is an intensive process that is often the final step in the writing checklist for a document. When you trust your work to a professional proofreader, you should expect the best level of service and attention to detail.

Happy Words provides the best proofreading services for any document. Your text is carefully reviewed by a native Portuguese speaker to ensure accuracy and quality. Keep reading for a guide to proofreading services from Happy Words.

What is included with proofreading services in 2019?

Proofreading services from Happy Words elevate your professional documents. As the final step in most editing processes, proofreading is necessary to ensure that there are no errors in your document. Proofreading takes place after a text has been written, edited and revised.

A professional proofreader handles many tasks in order to make sure that your document is correct and accurate. Proofreading services in 2019 are done by qualified proofreaders who possess a variety of skills. At Happy Words, the following elements are included with proofreading services.

● A thorough examination of the document

● Checking for spelling or grammatical errors

● Reviewing for syntax or punctuation errors

● Identifying any typos or unintended mistakes

● Reviewing word usage or phrasing

The task is very detailed, and I spend a great bit of time with each document. The goal of proofreading services from Happy Words is to ensure you have the best document that meets the needs of your business. I proofread for accuracy, clarity, spelling, and grammar for all texts in Portuguese.

Proofreading from a specialist

While the process of proofreading may seem simple to some, it is actually very difficult. Professional proofreaders are trained to spot errors, and they spend a considerable amount of time practicing with a variety of texts and documents. The process can be complicated as you try to maintain the integrity of your message while using proper spelling and grammar.

As a trained proofreading specialist, I guarantee accuracy for your professional documents. I have revised, and proofed countless texts in European Portuguese. My experience as a native Portuguese speaker helps to ensure that your texts are proofed not only for correctness of spelling and grammar, but flow and accuracy of message as well.

100% confidentiality guaranteed

When proofreading business documents, there is often a level of confidentiality or security involved. You may require proofreading for contracts, proposals, or other sensitive information, and it is imperative that your confidentiality is maintained.

At Happy Words, I guarantee the confidentiality of all of your texts and communications. Over the years, I have implemented a variety of security measures including password protection and secure backups. I understand that your business information is important and must be kept secure, so I do everything in my power to keep your data safe.

Why are proofreading services important?

In our modern world of text message language and shortened internet lingo, it may not seem as important to proofread documents as it was before. However, smart professionals know that proofreading is essential to the success of your business documents, especially when it comes to contracts or proposals. A missing word or an incorrect phrase can dramatically alter the meaning of your document and do considerable damage for your business or deal.

Benefits of professional proofreading services:

Polished finished product: Proofreading is the icing on the cake. It is the final step that ensures your document is ready to be passed on to the other party or used in your business. You can rest assured knowing your final text is accurate and correct on every level.

Professionalism: You wouldn’t send an important email before reading over it first. Proofreading services offer the same concept on a much larger scale. For documents that are going to another party, spelling and grammar are essential. Having misspelled words or incorrect grammar can make you and your business come across as sloppy. Those you do business with will appreciate your attention to detail.

Improved efficiency: Failing to have your documents properly proofread can lead to confusion and delays. For example, a business contract may be stopped in its tracks if the other party notices an error. Before work can continue, you must correct the mistake. You can keep this from occurring at all by employing professional proofreading services during your writing and editing process.

It’s better to be safe than sorry

Proofreading is a crucial step in the creation of any document, including professional documents. This step is skipped over all too often, which leads to incorrect texts, misspellings, and issues with grammar and meaning. Having a professional proofreader examine your document is necessary to ensure quality.

Even the most advanced word processors and spell-checking tools are unable to catch nuances. A word may be spelled correctly, but it could be misused. Homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings, are a common example of mistakes that proofreaders catch.

After you work with a document for an extended period of time, it can become increasingly difficult for your brain to recognize errors. Instead, your mind will simply fill in the gaps and correct errors in your head.

All of these issues can be avoided with a professional proofreader. As someone reviewing your document for the first time, I can provide a fresh look at each individual word and phrase. Professional writers and editors do their best to eliminate errors, but proofreading is the necessary final step to ensure a document is accurate.

Your guide to the difference between proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing services are often commonly mistaken for one another. Professionals wonder why they need both, and people also ask whether an editor can handle proofreading of a text as well. You may be surprised to learn that proofreading and editing or revision services are very different. Keep reading for a comparison of the two services.

Editing involves rewrites

Once a document or text has been written or translated, a professional editor will review it and make any revisions necessary. These revisions are often more extensive because it is the first time the document is being reviewed. Editors compare the translated work to the original text or examine an original document, and they may change entire paragraphs in order to better suit the meaning of the original document.

Editors are also looking for contextual mistakes or inconsistencies in the work. They will verify the information in the document against the original and ensure all terminology is correct. If necessary, they can change the style of the translation or make any other major edits that they see fit.

Proofreading involves polishing

Proofreading involves examining a completed document on its own. A document must be written and edited before it can be proofread. The proofreader examines the final document for what it is, suggesting changes to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and phrasing as needed. A professional proofreader is not typically reviewing a work for the facts and information included in the document. Instead, they focus on the finishing touches of a piece.

Proofreaders also do not make changes to a document themselves. They will note any edits that are needed and make note of their suggested changes before returning the document to the owner or editor.

What languages do you offer?

Happy Words offers the best proofreading services for European Portuguese. I firmly believe that a professional translator, editor, and proofreader should work with their native tongue in order to ensure accuracy of writing and meaning.

I offer professional proofreading services for documents from in European Portuguese because I am able to guarantee accuracy. As a native Portuguese translator, I have considerable experience working with documents in this language, so you can trust that you will receive only the highest quality services.

Does Happy Words offer other language or translation services?

Yes, Happy Words offers a variety of language services, including professional translations and revisions. My specialization fields include IT and marketing, but I also have considerable experience in electronics, cosmetics, fashion, and travel. I specialize in translation, revision, and proofreading services for English and European Portuguese.

What is the turnaround time for fast proofreading services?

My daily workload for proofreading is around 12,000 words. If you need proofreading services to be completed in a shorter timeframe, I can work with your schedule to develop an accelerated timeline. Proofreading is meant to enhance the quality of your translation, not slow down your workflow.

How can I purchase proofreading services in 2019?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about proofreading services from Happy Words. Just contact me today to get a detailed quote for your proofreading project. I will review your requirements carefully to come up with a budget and timeline that meets your needs. I work directly with clients, translation agencies, and freelance professionals on a regular basis, providing individualized service for a wide range of industries and projects.

Happy Words was created because I firmly believe in doing great work that you love. All proofreading and translation work are done with passion, and I ensure quality and efficiency for every project. Send me a message today, and I will be in touch soon to get the ball rolling on your proofreading needs!

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